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* [[Ratings ballot|Rated ballots]]
**Rate the candidates on a scale, generally starting from 0, going up to any value, often 5 or 10. Usually only certain in-between values are allowed i.e. if the scale is from 0 to 10, it usually isn't allowed for someone to give a rating of, say, 9.35).
With all ballot types, it is generally assumed that unmarked/unranked/unrated candidates are considered worse than all marked candidates, and that the voter has no preference between any of them.
== Relationships ==
Each voter bubbles in which rank they want to put each candidate at.
Note that with a ranked ballot, only (number of candidates - 1) ranks need be provided (if unranked candidates are assumed to be ranked last); this is because even if the voters indicates a preference between their (number of candidates - 1) favorite candidates and uses up all of their available ranks, the last candidate they didn't rank will be assumed to be ranked last. This is the reason that, in the two-candidate case, one can either allow a voter to "vote" for one candidate or the other, or allow them to rank their preference between both candidates, without it reducing the voter's expressiveness.
With a rated ballot, again, either the score can be written next to each candidate, or the voter can bubble it in like so:
=== Ranked ballot ===
See [[Preferential voting]]. A ranked ballot involves ranking candidates i.e. A>B>C means A is better than B, and B is better than C, with A being implied to be better than C as well. Some ranked ballot implementations allow you to skip rankings i.e. A>skipped ranking>B, and also allow you to rank candidates equally i.e. A>B=C>D=E=F means A is better than everyone else, B and C are equal but better than everyone except A, and D, E, and F are worse than the other ranked candidates, but the voter has no preference between them.
See [[Preferential voting]].
== Voting methods that use single-mark ballots ==
From [[:Category:Single-mark ballot voting methods|Category:Single-mark ballot voting methods]]:
* [[First Past the Post electoral system]]
* [[Asset voting]]
* [[Delegated proportional judgment]]
* [[Direct Party and Representative Voting]]
* [[Runoff voting]]
* [[Random ballot]]
* [[Additional Member System]]
* [[Sequential Asset Voting]]
* [[Anti-plurality voting]]
== External links ==
* [https://web.archive.org/web/20190516161233/http://bansinglemarkballots.com/ Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates: Ban Single-Mark Ballots]
== Write-in option ==
[[Pairwise counting]] can be done on all four ballot types, though ranked and rated ballots offer the most information for this purpose.
== External links ==
* [https://web.archive.org/web/20190516161233/http://bansinglemarkballots.com/ Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates: Ban Single-Mark Ballots]
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