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electowiki is a website which describes a variety of different election methods, and their effect on the quality and timbre of elections and democracy. Much of the site focuses on electoral systems, describes specific methods for selecting between various choices, their implementation details and features as well as the theory behind it. Additionally the site contains information for activists, articles that describe outcomes of specific elections (both real and hypothetical), variousforms of government throughout the world, and the mechanics of voting, such as paper ballots and electronic voting machines.

There is a vast literature on the theory behind these systems: What criteria can you use to judge whether a particular method works well? What strategies will different systems encourage voters to use? To the best of our ability, we record the collective wisdom of scholars and enthusiasts, and work together to create a comprehensive reference for all to use.

History[edit | edit source]

main article: electowiki:History

Electowiki was started in 2005 by Dan Keshet and Rob Lanphier (RobLa) as a free-content, MediaWiki-based wiki dedicated to discussing election-methods related material. It is a spinoff of electorama.com, which was started in 2003 by Lanphier as a complementary site to the election-methods mailing list (started in 1996 by Lanphier).

In the twelve years between 2006 and 2018, Electowiki was hosted at wiki.electorama.com. In 2018, Psephomancy ported the wiki.electorama.com content over to electowiki.miraheze.org, hosted by Miraheze. In response, Lanphier registered "electowiki.org", and began slowly redirecting traffic from wiki.electorama.com to the site you see today.

To learn more about the history of electowiki, see electowiki:History

As of May 2020, there are two wikis that use the name "electowiki": the old wiki ("electoramawiki") and the current wiki ("electowikiwiki")

electoramawiki[edit | edit source]

"electoramawiki" is the original electowiki, which can be found at https://wiki.electorama.com . It has largely been inactive since 2018, but as of May 2020, User:RobLa sometimes makes changes to it.

electowikiwiki[edit | edit source]

"electowikiwiki" is the internal name that Miraheze uses to refer to the electowiki as it exists today. Almost every wiki that Miraheze hosts has "wiki" appended to the end of it, even if the name of the wiki (e.g. "electowiki") makes it redundant. This serves as a useful means to distinguish the two running copies, User:Psephomancy ported the wiki.electorama.com content over to https://electowiki.miraheze.org, hosted by Miraheze. In response, User:RobLa registered "electowiki.org", and began slowly redirecting traffic from wiki.electorama.com to the site you see today.