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This site runs MediaWiki, which is the same software that Wikipedia runs.

Here's a list of helpful resources:

  • Beginner - for people that just want to know about electoral systems
    • Help:About - what is electowiki? How is it different that Wikipedia? why is there ALSO a wiki (server) at What does it mean to say "a wiki"? Does this website have an FAQ?
    • Help:Talk pages - specific help on using talk pages on electowiki
    • Help:Editing - you can edit this website. Please do! Also, you may want to learn about using tildes in articles, or how to make a fancy signature.
    • "Introduction to Wikipedia": (wikipedia:Introduction) - If you are unfamiliar with the wiki concept, this is a very good primer on the subject. But be careful; The "Introduction to Wikipedia" is on Wikipedia. This site (electowiki) is not affiliated with Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation (the non-profit that operates Wikipedia). But really, as a beginner, you may not want to leave just yet.
  • Advanced - for people who understand wikis, and maybe even MediaWiki specifically.
    • The electowiki handbook - this is a handbook specific to electowiki. Much of it was written as we were settling into using this Miraheze-hosted copy of the old Electorama wiki
    • The MediaWiki Handbook (mw:Help:Contents) - This is the official reference for MediaWiki. A lot of the information in this handbook is for system administrators and PHP developers that may be working on the code for one of many MediaWiki extensions. Many readers may prefer to learn Lua before learning PHP, so this link may not be useful to them, either.
  • History
    • Electowiki:About - to learn more about electowiki, and its long road to the site you see today. Many of the weird little instructions and incomplete bits are due to the history of the website. Electowiki was born in 2005; it's a teenager already!

For other issues, please ask for help by publicly asking your question using this web form (for a quicker response) or for a slower response, send mail to

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