King of the Hill

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King of the Hill or KH is a method devised by Kevin Venzke which satisfies Later-no-help. It was devised as a Condorcet completion method that would be resistant to burial. This article describes it as a method on its own, in which case it has no burial incentive at all.


  1. The voter submits a ranked ballot. Equal-ranking is not allowed; truncation is.
  2. Find the candidate with the most first preferences who is involved in a majority-strength pairwise contest (i.e. >50% of the ballots) with the first-preference winner.
  3. If there is no such candidate, elect the first-preference winner.
  4. Otherwise, elect the winner of that pairwise contest.


KH satisfies Later-no-help. Adding lower preferences may cause the new preference to win, but it can't make any other candidate win.