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Welcome to electowiki! electowiki is a website focused on electoral systems.

There has been an increasing awareness in many parts of the world of the effect that different electoral systems have on the quality and timbre of elections and democracy. For example, there are movements for proportional representation, Approval voting, Score voting, instant-runoff voting, and Condorcet methods.

There is a vast literature on the theory behind these systems: What criteria can you use to judge whether a particular method works well? What strategies will different systems encourage voters to use? To the best of our ability, we record the collective wisdom of scholars and enthusiasts, and work together to create a comprehensive reference for all to use.


main page: Project:Categories

This site gives you a guide to what these things are, on pages in the following categorized as follows:

  • Voting methods (i.e. electoral systems) are the main focus of this wiki. Articles in this category describe specific methods for selecting between various choices, their implementation details and features.
    • Voting theory deals with the properties of voting methods and the criteria they can meet, scenarios in which they fail, etc.
  • Advocacy is for descriptions about real-world reform: organizations, legislation, lobbying, and arguments for choosing one reform over another.
  • Elections is for articles that analyze real or hypothetical elections under different methods, and examine their properties and outcomes.
  • Forms of government is the level "above" election methods: Representative vs direct democracy, government structure and formation, etc.
  • Voting mechanics deals with real-world implementation details, such as paper ballots and electronic voting machines.

Other pages

Not all pages on Electowiki are neatly categorized. It is still possible to find them in the list of all pages on Electowiki or in the full hierarchical category tree.

About the project

This wiki is closely associated with the Election-methods mailing list, but is more broadly for communities of election-minded people.

This is a wiki! That means, anybody can get involved, building free content. We offer a license for anybody to copy and modify our works. To learn more about us or how to edit, see the Community Portal and Frequently Asked Questions. This project began in January 2005, with an article started on Wikipedia, but has since expanded to include more detailed information about election methods which are still under development and may not meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines.

electowiki currently has 535 articles in the main collection, as well as many other policy pages, talk pages, and user pages. (hosted by Miraheze) became the new home for electowiki in late 2018. The original home (at has a more accurate view of page edit histories of prior to September 2018 (with proper links to authors), and as of this writing in November 2019, still shows up in search engines for many searches. As is more-or-less decommissioned, this wiki (electowiki) is expected to supersede the old Electorama wiki.

To learn more, visit electowiki:About.