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Welcome to Electowiki! This is a wiki associated with the Election-methods mailing list, and communities of election-minded people.

Election Methods

There has been an increasing awareness in many parts of the world of the effect that different election methods (voting systems, voting methods, etc; this site uses these words interchangeably) have on the quality and timbre of elections and democracy. There are movements for proportional representation, instant-runoff voting, Condorcet. This site gives you a guide to what these things are.

But it also goes one step further: there is a vast literature on the theory behind these systems: what criteria can you use to judge whether a particular method works well? What strategies will different systems encourage voters to use? We record the collective wisdom of scholars and enthusiasts, and, by working together, hope to create a canonical reference for all to use.

About the project

This is a wiki! That means, anybody can get involved, building free content. We offer a license for anybody to copy and modify our works. To learn more about us or how to edit, see the Community Portal and Frequently Asked Questions. This project began in January 2005, with article started on Wikipedia, but has since expanded to include more detailed information about election methods that are still under development that may not meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines.


This site also hosts Electowidget, a plugin for MediaWiki for conducting online elections using advanced electoral tallying methods.

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