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== Complying methods ==
[[STV]], [[Party list]], and [[Expanding Approvals Rule]] pass forms of PSC. Specifically, the choice of quota in those methods determines which type of PSC they pass.
[[D'Hondt]] passes Droop-PSC, so many methods that reduce to it in the [[Party list case|party list case]] (such as [[Schulze STV]]), with the notable exception of most [[:Category:Cardinal PR methods|cardinal PR methods]], pass it too.
== Generalised solid coalitions ==
== Notes ==
Droop-PSC implies Hare-PSC, since a Hare quota is simply a large Droop quota, but the same doesn't hold the other way around. Hare-PSC is equivalent to the unanimity criterion and Droop-PSC to the mutual majority criterion in the single-winner case. Note that this means cardinal PR methods can only pass Hare-PSC and not Droop-PSC in order to reduce to cardinal methods that fail the mutual majority criterion in the single-winner case, which is most of them.