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* [https://web.archive.org/web/20190516161233/http://bansinglemarkballots.com/ Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates: Ban Single-Mark Ballots]
== Write-in option ==
A ballot can allow a voter to support candidates that aren't actually named on that ballot by letting them "write in" those candidates' names on the ballot. Generally, voters are only allowed to write in one candidate.
Supporting write-ins vary in difficulty from method to method. Voting methods where only one data value is recorded per candidate, such as [[FPTP]], [[Approval voting]], and [[Score voting]], can easily support write-ins, while voting methods based on [[pairwise counting]] (see [[:Category:Pairwise counting-based voting methods|Category:Pairwise counting-based voting methods]]) can have a more difficult time. There are various ways to handle this; see [[Pairwise counting#Notes]].