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→‎Addition of specific systems: electowiki is not intended to be a replacement for the upstream source of much of its content.
(→‎Addition of specific systems: electowiki is not intended to be a replacement for the upstream source of much of its content.)
:::: I agree with most of what you have said but there are a few points that I strongly disagree with. The main reason for that is that English Wikipedia counterpart is of very very low quality. My understanding of the purpose of electowiki was to provide more depth and rigor to the pages than is allowed on wikipedia. If that is not the case then I am really missing something. I think using [[Wikipedia:Summary style]] for the major classes like party list and then listing the variants would be useful. The 100s of existing systems are largely comprised of variants and experts can disagree on what is a new system and what is a variant. There are only few dozen or so truly distinct methods. These classes however are complicated by the fact thatthey tend to come with their own version of PR and they overlap with eachother. I have written a fair bit of the existing page and would be sad to see a wilful effort to simplify it to the point of it being incorrect. I think it is possible to be both correct and simple and that balance is quite good at the moment. To this end I have made an attempt to talk more about PR than about the systems which achieve it. For example, the section "Non-Partisan Definitions" the options are discussed and 9 example systems are given. These system are just there to be put in the taxonomy of the types of PR. The depth and rigour I would like this page to have which the English Wikipedia counterpart will never have is a fair discussions of all the varying and conflicting definitions of PR. --[[User:Dr. Edmonds|Dr. Edmonds]] ([[User talk:Dr. Edmonds|talk]]) 05:24, 7 April 2021 (UTC)
::::: Your credibility in my eyes goes way down when you call an article on English Wikipedia "''very very low quality''" without a clear effort to fix the [[English Wikipedia]] article. Wikipedia is much more popular than electowiki, because they allow anyone to fix the problems. It does a much better job of educating the "layperson" than electowiki does because laypeople are considered peers. It's not clear that you consider laypeople like me to be your peers. (Sidenote: you're misusing the word "comprised", which I also used to do. Most Wikipedia-editing veterans know better, possibly thanks to [ Bryan Henderson]'s work). Regardless, electowiki is not meant as a replacement for Wikipedia; it's meant to be complementary. It's partially meant to be a staging ground for articles that are maybe not quite "notable" yet, because they ''yet'' become mainstream. But all information on electowiki is striving to be notable enough to include on Wikipedia, and that doesn't work if we try to create our own definition of "proportional representation" not used by a significant plurality of the 7 billion people on this planet.
::::: Feel free to make changes to what I inserted. If you delete everything I added, I'm likely to be annoyed, and I might just revert you. However, if you trim what I've added down (per my prior comment), and make incremental improvements that also ought to be made to the [ upstream] article (to [[wikipedia:Proportional representation]], that is), then I will probably welcome your changes. I may even try to get the changes accepted upstream. -- [[User:RobLa|RobLa]] ([[User talk:RobLa|talk]]) 06:21, 7 April 2021 (UTC)