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[[Image:Tennessee map for voting example.svg|right|500px|Tennessee's four cities are spread throughout the state]]
Imagine that [[{{wp|Tennessee]]}} is having an election on the location of its [[capital (political){{wp|capital]]}}. The population of Tennessee is concentrated around its four major cities, which are spread throughout the state. For this example, suppose that the entire [[constituency|electorate]] lives in these four cities, and that everyone wants to live as near the capital as possible.
The candidates for the capital are:
* [[Memphis, Tennessee{{wp|Memphis]]}}, the state's largest city, with 42% of the voters, but located far from the other cities
* [[Nashville, Tennessee{{wp|Nashville]]}}, with 26% of the voters, near the center of Tennessee
* [[Knoxville, Tennessee{{wp|Knoxville]]}}, with 17% of the voters
* [[Chattanooga, Tennessee{{wp|Chattanooga]]}}, with 15% of the voters
The preferences of the voters would be divided like this:
# Memphis
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