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Tennessee is a state in the Eastern United States, though much of the state is in the Central Time Zone (as is much of the Mississippi Basin).

Tennessee example

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When the example was first devised in 2002, this was roughly the respective counties in which each of these cities is located.

Electoral reform advocates frequently use the "Tennessee example" to describe the effects of different voting systems under similar circumstances. The example is convenient because of the way that Tennessee was settled. A very long time ago, Knoxville was the territorial capitol of Tennessee, and then disputes arouse over the years about where the capitol should end up. Nashville was eventually chosen, but over time, Memphis became a larger city.

SB 1820

The state of Tennessee recently outlawed "instant runoff voting" and "ranked choice voting", which they defined as follows:[1][2]

a method of casting and tabulating votes in which:

  • (A) Voters rank candidates in order of preference;
  • (B) Tabulation proceeds in rounds such that in each round either a candidate or candidates are elected or the last-place candidate is defeated;
  • (C) Votes are transferred from elected or defeated candidates to the voters' next-ranked candidate or candidates in order of preference; and
  • (D) Tabulation ends when a candidate receives the majority of votes cast or the number of candidates elected equals the number of offices to be filled, as applicable