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==Puting Ballots into the Box==
Let us again assume paper ballots in our explanation of the proposed voting system. These paper ballots must be '''scanned''' so as to convert the images of the ballots to electronic form. Then the data is transmitted to the database(s). Right away we have some serious problems in that the scanner used for this purpose can be rigged and corrupted. And if the data (the electronic form of the ballots) is actually broadcast over the ariwavesairwaves or over the internet and received by the databases (i.e. the database systems are "receivers" always listening and recording the "votes" as scanned and broadcast), then it is possible to introduce counterfeit votes and/or to pick ballots out of the internet stream or out of the air, alter them, and reinsert them in the stream. The iommediate reaction is to "secure" this connection between the scanning system (the scanning authority) and the database system(s). A '''secure''' encrypted connection. This will not be the solution becase it is an authoritative solution.
==The Ballots themselves==