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This page describes the electowiki conflict-of-interest policy. As of 2020-05-25, the Electowiki:Policy#COI explicitly quotes the "Policy" section of this document. Over time, this document (Electowiki:COI) will become the normative source for the electowiki conflict-of-interest policy.


This part of the page will be included at Electowiki:Policy#COI

Electowiki doesn't yet have a firm conflict-of-interest (COI) policy, other than what we borrow from English Wikipedia: wikipedia:Project:COI. Please read that before editing pages that you might have a conflict-of-interest. Even if you don't think you have a conflict of interest, you should be aware that electowiki is almost certainly going to have a conflict-of-interest policy just as broad as English Wikipedia's COI policy.

EPOV board

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For the "EPOV board" to know whether or not you have a conflict of interest posting content to electowiki, it's important for them to know that you aren't up to aren't editing with an undisclosed conflict of interest. User:RobLa hasn't yet figured out how he plans to institute this policy, but his thoughts will be published at User:RobLa/COI.


Primary discussion: Electowiki_talk:COI

This policy is not yet fully formed. Please discuss this at Electowiki_talk:COI