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It is possible for any registered user on Electowiki to create pages that are subpages of their user page. For example, Rob Lanphier has a user account on Electowiki, and his user page is "User:RobLa". Additionally, Rob has many subpages to his user page, which can be found at this link: Special:PrefixIndex/User:RobLa

EnWiki Policy

As of 2020-05-13, Electowiki doesn't have a specific written policy about user pages. By default, we inherit the English Wikipedia "User Pages" policy (WP:USERPAGE), per Electowiki:Policy about generally borrowing policy from English Wikipedia unless otherwise stated. We also inherit the terms of use of our hosting provider: Miraheze Terms of Use (Meta:ToU).


See Electowiki_talk:User_pages for discussion about Electowiki policies specific to user pages.