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see also: Advocacy/United States/Central, Missouri#Advocacy, [1]
Heading from the sample ballot for Heading from sample ballot for the March 2021 primary election in St. Louis, Missouri[2][3]

STL Approves[1] is an advocacy organization which promoted the use of approval voting for primary elections in St. Louis, Missouri. They facilitated a successful ballot initiative which passed with 68% of the vote in November 2020.[4]

The primary rules are defined in a short paragraph on the 2020 ballot petition:[2]
Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, in the primary election for the [offices in question], voters shall select as many candidates as they approve of for each office. The two candidates receiving the most votes for each office shall advance to the general election. The candidate for each office receiving the most votes in the general election shall be declared the winner.
Because of the success of this initiative, St. Louis voters will use approval voting for their March 2021 primary election.[2][3]

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