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This table shows that generally speaking, a rated ballot without an approval threshold provides the most information of any ballot type without an approval threshold, and that a rated ballot with an approval threshold provides the most information of any ballot type.As an example of all four ballot types, suppose there are five candidates to consider: Alicia, Brandon, Charlie, David, and Eileen.
Choose-one and Approval ballots are often shown as some form of:<blockquote>Alicia☑ Brandon☐ Charlie☐ David☐ Eileen☑</blockquote>meaning "Alicia and Eileen are supported by this voter" or{{Clarify|reason=these two examples aren't the same thing?|date=April 2020}} <blockquote>Alicia>Eileen=(approval threshold)>Brandon=Charlie=David</blockquote>meaning "Alicia is my 1st choice, Eileen is my 2nd choice, I approve everyone who is my 2rd choice or higher, and all the other candidates are worse than my 2nd choice"
Ranked ballots are often shown as:<blockquote>Alicia>Eileen>Brandon=Charlie=David</blockquote>meaning "Alicia is better than Eileen, Eileen is better than any of (Brandon, Charlie, David) and Alicia is also better than any of (Brandon, Charlie, David)" or
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