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(You're probably wondering about electowiki, aren't you? See Project:About electowiki)
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You're probably wondering about [[electowiki]], aren't you? See [[Project:About electowiki]]
This page ([[Help:About]]) tries describes [[electowiki]] in the most basic possible terms.
[[electowiki]] is a [[wiki]] which tries to make a plethora of [[electoral systems]] more understandable for [[advocacy|advocates]] of electoral reform. It has existed since 2005, and still enjoys frequent updates. We attempt to learn from online discussions in a number of [[forum]]s, helping new participants more quickly get up to speed, and summarize the conclusions of many different discussions.
== About electowiki ==
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:''main articles: [[Project:About electowiki]], [[Project:History]], and [[Help:Contents]]''
Ever since its foundation in 2005, the community of editors of this wiki have served two roles:
* Passionate advocates for [[electoral reform]]
* Believers in open and honest discussion about [[electoral system]]s
As a result, even though this website looks a lot like [[Wikipedia]], we don't pretend to have a dispassionate "neutral point of view" (or [[NPOV]]) that [[Wikipedia]] strives for. That said, you might find that the "electowiki point of view" (or [[EPOV]]) is very similar.
We encourage you to edit the site. Though it's possible to edit electowiki "anonymously", when you edit, your [[Wikipedia:IP address|IP address]] is revealed. Because of that, we recommend that you [[Help:Account|sign up for an account]], and help us edit '''electowiki'''!
electowiki has a long history, divided into two phases which you can read more about in these two pages:
* '''[[Project:About Electorama wiki]]''' - this page describes the first phase (from 2005 until 2018 or so)
* '''[[Project:About electowiki]]''' phase (2018-now) - this page describes the website you are on right now. Read this page to learn about the transition to the current phase of [[electowiki]] development
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