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Template:TalkPageIntro: Difference between revisions

Making the text that gets inserted a little bit clearer
(Fixing the unclear prose that I wrote when I was trying to edit the template while using TemplateSandbox to preview this template. I think I have something that works....)
(Making the text that gets inserted a little bit clearer)
<includeonly>This is the discussion page (the "Talk:" page) for the page named "[[{{{page|{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}}]]". Please use this page to discuss the topic described in the corresponding page in the main namespace (i.e. the "[[{{{page|{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}}]]" page here on electowiki), or visit [[Help:Talk]] to learn more about talk pages.
</includeonly><noinclude>'''Template:TalkPageIntro''' is a template to insert at the top of a talk page.
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