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(Adapted the intro from wikipedia:Approval voting (oldid=967925338), moving+adapting the old intro in the #Procedures section, and changed "External Links" section to "#Footnotes")
===Multiple winners===
Approval voting can be extended to multiple winner elections, either as ''block approval voting'', a simple variant on [[block voting]] where each voter can select an unlimited number of candidates and the candidates with the most approval votes win, or as ''[[proportional approval voting]]'' which seeks to maximise the overall satisfaction with the final result using approval voting.
Note that the 'Voting Method,' what you do on the ballot, is only a single, and the least important, aspect of a 'Voting System.' Due to tabulation and how the winner is selected, multi-seat Approval Voting systems are fundamentally unrelated to single-seat Approval Voting systems.
===Relation to effectiveness of choices===
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