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(Copied links from Voting_links#Software (from https://electowiki.org/w/index.php?title=Voting_links&oldid=15893 specifically))
* https://www.howtofixtheelection.com/
* See also: [[:Category:Voting software]]
== Other links ==
Other links for software for calculation, analysis, simulation, etc. of voting methods and elections
=== Online election calculators===
:''see also: [[online poll]]''
These sites calculate the winner from a listing of ballots:
*[https://pivot.vote/open/try Pivot]
*[https://www.condorcet.vote Condorcet.Vote]
*[https://web.archive.org/web/20050407202015/http://www.eskimo.com:80/~robla/politics/condorcet-front.html Pairwise Methods Demonstration]
**which inspired [http://www.cs.angelo.edu/~rlegrand/rbvote/calc.html Ranked-ballot voting calculator]
***which inspired [http://www.ericgorr.net/condorcet/ Eric Gorr’s Condorcet Matrix]
*[http://distributedvote.altervista.org/proResult/home.html DistributedVote]
=== Simulation ===
* [https://github.com/kristomu/quadelect Quadelect]: Draw Yee maps, calculate Bayesian regret, and determine election winners
* [https://rangevoting.org/IEVS/IEVS.c IEVS: Infinitely extendible voting system comparison engine] (C, non-commercial use only)
* [http://zesty.ca/voting/voteline/ Voteline]1D simulator for FPTP, Approval, Borda, Condorcet, and IRV (Flash, online)
* [https://ncase.me/ballot To Build a Better Ballot]: Nicky Case's 2D explorable explanation of six voting methods.
* [https://www.smartvotesim.com/ Smart Voting Simulator]: 2D interactive guide to voting methods.
* [https://www.howtofixtheelection.com/votekit/ Votekit]: A rough draft of a 2D and 1D interactive simulator.
* [https://hexagon.bettervoting.org/ Arrow’s Theorem]: Visualizing 3-Candidate, 3-Voter Elections with Hexagons. [https://youtu.be/Uvax1Hj8t_E Video]. [https://github.com/abjennings/socialchoice-hexagons Github].
=== Unsorted ===
*https://github.com/simberaj/votelib Open source Python library for calculating results of many election systems ranging from mixed-member proportional to Bucklin voting and many Condorcet methods
*https://github.com/brianolson/redistricter open source impartial algorithmic redistricting
*https://metacpan.org/pod/Vote::Count Vote::Count a Perl Library supporting a large number of RCV and Range methods (IRV, Borda, Condorcet, MinMax).
* https://github.com/brianolson/voteutil Count votes with a variety of algorithms in a variety of languages (C, Python, Go, Java) Also a Histogram class with the same interface.
* https://github.com/brianolson/election_simulator Simulate elections to test election algorithms
* https://github.com/electionscience/vse-sim Methods for running simulations to calculate Voter Satisfaction Efficiency (VSE) of various voting systems in various conditions.
* https://github.com/crflynn/voting Different apportionment methods implemented in Python
* https://github.com/vvk-ehk/ivxv Source of Estonia's online voting system.
* http://bolson.org/voting/sim_one_seat/dist/
* https://github.com/msmunter/star.vote Star.vote Website https://star.vote
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