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Condorcet Election Format && ELM Format
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(Condorcet Election Format && ELM Format)
* See also: [[:Category:Voting software]]
== By softwaressoftware ==
Other links for software for calculation, analysis, simulation, etc. of voting methods and elections
=== Unsorted ===
*https://github.com/simberaj/votelib Open source Python library for calculating results of many election systems ranging from mixed-member proportional to Bucklin voting and many Condorcet methods
*https://github.com/brianolson/redistricter open -source impartial algorithmic redistricting
*https://metacpan.org/pod/Vote::Count Vote::Count a Perl Library supporting a large number of RCV and Range methods (IRV, Borda, Condorcet, MinMax).
* https://github.com/brianolson/voteutil Count votes with a variety of algorithms in a variety of languages (C, Python, Go, Java) Also a Histogram class with the same interface.
* https://github.com/msmunter/star.vote Star.vote Website https://star.vote
== Open Standards ==
* [https://github.com/CondorcetPHP/CondorcetElectionFormat Condorcet Election Format]: The `Condorcet Election Format` is a free and standardized open election description standard. Its objective is to define an election, its parameters, its candidates, and its votes. The objective of this format is to be easily written and read by a human, with the rigor and precision necessary for ingestion by a program.
* [[Election Markup Language]]
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