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#*''"Support" helps a candidate the most, "reject" hurts the most. "Accept" helps less than support, and is good for helping a second-rate candidate beat a third-rate one. "Abstain" helps a candidate avoid elimination in step 3 but hurts them in steps 2 and 4; it's good for a second-rate candidate when there's a first-rate one who can beat them, or for a candidate you're not sure about.''
# '''Eliminate any candidates with under 50 points.'''
#* ''50 points would be the score of a candidate supported by 1/4 or accepted by 1/2. Anything less than that probably indicates a lesser-known candidatescandidate who got a lot of 'abstains'; eliminating them here ensures that step 3they won't electbe themthe byonly mistakecandidate remaining after step 3.''
# '''Eliminate any candidates rejected by over 50%, unless that leaves nobody.'''
#* ''If possible, the winner shouldn't be somebody opposed by a majority.''
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