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Supporters of range voting include [[Warren Smith]], [[Clay Shentrup]], [[Jan Kok]], [[Keith Edmonds]] and [[Steve Gruber]].
==Variants and similar systems==
[[STAR voting]] introduces an extra instant-runoff step, in which the majority preferred out of the top two rated candidates is chosen. [[Median Ratings]] utilizes the median rating as opposed to the mean rating to select the winner. [[Majority Judgment]] can also be thought of score voting using the median instead of the mean, except ratings are replaced by words and has a specific tie-breaking rule. [[Reciprocal Score Voting]] re-weights scores based on reciprocity between factions to encourage cooperation and discourage exaggeration.
Multi-winner variants include [[Reweighted Range Voting]], [[Sequentially Spent Score]] and [[Allocated Score]].
== Connection to Condorcet methods ==
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