Strategy Advisor based on Randomized Voter Order

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Strategy Advisor based on Randomized Voter Order or SARVO is a category of Declared strategy voting methods devised by Warren Smith.[1] All SARVO methods are cardinal single-winner methods: the voters report their utility should X win the election, for every candidate X, and choose whether the method should strategize on their behalf or not.

In the election-methods post, Warren defined SARVO for Range voting, but it can be straightforwardly applied to any weighted positional method.

The method calculates the winner as follows:

  1. For every possible way to order the ballots, or a sufficiently large random sample of these:
    1. For voter v = 1 ... number of voters, in the given order:
      1. If voter v has chosen not to let the method strategize, pass the ballot to the underlying method (turning ratings into rankings if required).
      2. Otherwise, determine a good strategic ballot given the election result so far (typically using the Myerson-Weber strategy). Submit this ballot.
    2. Add each candidate's score in previous election to their total score.
  2. Elect the candidate with the greatest total score.

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