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Condorcet list reference

I looked through my Condorcet Yahoo list archives to find a definition for this article's method, but it's all rather vague. The closest I could find was RM Harman's post which first suggests a possible "inner Condorcet method" based on a bubble sort. It then defines a more general outer method where first, candidates who are both pairwise and approval beaten by someone else are eliminated, and then the inner method is used. He suggests that any Condorcet method could be used as an inner method.

But later list posts tend to use "IRRV" as simply an alias for "Condorcet method". E.g. the regular CSSD Statute XML posts.

I might include this later, but I'm not sure how the bubble sort algorithm works. Kristomun (talk) 11:20, 20 March 2024 (UTC)