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One line description

If no cycles exist, we always get the Condorcet winner out of Pairwise Sorted Approval, AKA Definite Majority Choice, or Approval Sorted Margins.

But DMC chooses its winner from the definite majority set -- the set of candidates that are not definitively defeated.

Choosing the undefeated candidate from a set of strongly eliminated candidates is a compelling argument for DMC. But as Chris Benham has pointed out on election-methods, there are still some subtle cases that can cause problems for DMC.

So Approval Sorted Margins could well be a stronger method because it is less vulnerable to burying and later-no-harm (or is it later-no-help?).

But how do we get a nice "one-line" description for Approval Sorted Margins? Is it equivalent to breaking cycles below the largest margin? Does it always sort the Smith set above the Approval Winner? Theoretical arguments aren't enough here, I want a story to tell. --Araucaria 20:35, 2 Apr 2005 (PST)

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