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2018-09-19 note from RobLa[edit source]

I've set up https://electowiki.org as a domain that points here. https://wiki.electorama.com still exists, but we'll gradually deprecate it as the content settles in over here. Elements of wiki.electorama.com will remain over at a static site at electorama.com.

2018-09-01 note from Psephomancy[edit source]

This is a mirror of Electowiki, for trying out Miraheze hosting.

The original is at https://wiki.electorama.com/wiki/Main_Page


Any changes to the original after 2018-08-26 are not included here.

2005 original "About" page[edit source]

Electowiki was launched by Dan Keshet on January 26, 2005, as a new free-content wiki dedicated to discussing election-methods related material. This wiki is intended first and foremost for the election-methods@electorama.com and Electorama community. The site is administered by Dan Keshet and Rob Lanphier. For more information about why this resource was created (i.e. why not just use Wikipedia?) as well as other information, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.