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electowiki is a wiki which tries to make electoral systems more understandable for advocates of electoral reform. It has existed since 2005, and still enjoys frequent updates. We aim to help new participants quickly get up to speed on the best systems and the conclusions of many long discussions.

About electowiki

Ever since its foundation in 2005, the community of editors of this wiki have served two roles:

As a result, even though this website looks a lot like Wikipedia, we don't pretend to have a dispassionate "neutral point of view" (or NPOV) that Wikipedia strives for. That said, you might find that the "electowiki point of view" (or EPOV) is very similar.

We encourage you to edit the site. Though it's possible to edit electowiki "anonymously", when you edit, your IP address is revealed. Because of that, we recommend that you sign up for an account, and help us edit electowiki!

electowiki has a long history, divided into two phases which you can read more about in these two pages: