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The election-methods mailing list (or the EM-list) is a mailing list that was started in 1996 and continues to host discussions with electoral system experts and activists.

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The list is for discussion of the nitty-gritty details of single-winner election reform, the relative merits of different proportional representation systems, and the technical underpinnings of all election methods. "election-methods-list" discussions tend to be technical in nature (or at least, very laden with jargon), with the ultimate goal of providing recommendations and educational material to the electoral reform movement.

History[edit | edit source]

1996 through 2003[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia has an article on:

The list was started in 1996 by Rob Lanphier.[1][2]. It was started as an unofficial spinoff to the "ER-list", which was more concerned about promoting single-winner STV than diving into the weeds about the theory of electoral systems.

During its first few years, it was on eskimo.com, and was originally a "Majordomo" list.

2003 until today[edit | edit source]

In 2003, the list moved to the newly-formed Electorama.com website on Dreamhost, and transitioned to becoming a GNU Mailman-based mailing list.[3] EM-list remains hosted on Dreamhost, but the old "Electowiki" wiki, hosted on Dreamhost was copied the Miraheze infrastructure in 2018 and rebranded "electowiki" (with a lowercase "e"). The old "Electowiki" wiki is still running to serve up history of articles written prior to 2018.

The archives and the latest subscription information for EM-list can be found at:

25th Birthday[edit | edit source]

main article: EM25

The 25th Birthday of the EM-list happened on Monday, February 15. That's when User:RobLa sent the first email to the list.[1]

Future[edit | edit source]

This section contains a couple of items about the future of the EM-list (as of February 2021):

C4ES Election Theory Forum[edit | edit source]

The C4ES Election-Theory Forum was rumored to be shutting down as early as June 2020.[4] However, as of this writing in February 2021, it is still appears to be operational.[5]

Links[edit | edit source]

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