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 From: Rob Lanphier (User:RobLa)
 Date: 06:24, 27 January 2005
 Updated: 12:27, 3 March 2022 (UTC)
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This wiki page was created by Rob Lanphier back in 2005. You can see the history of this page to see it all.[1] I'm going to start writing about myself in the first person now....

I am Rob Lanphier (a.k.a. "RobLa"). I'm a co-founder of electowiki (in 2005), the founder of "Electorama!" (in 2003) and the founder of the election-methods mailing list (in 1996). I also have a thing or two to do with a couple of other wikis (e.g. see my user pages at other wikis like w:User:RobLa and meta:User:RobLa and RobLaWiki) If you're new to this wiki, please see User:RobLa/Welcome, which will hopefully give you some good advice about working with me. I keep a blog, of sorts at User:RobLa/Journal, but I also have a blog at As of 2020-05-30, I keep User:RobLa/Journal more up-to-date.


main: User:RobLa/Journal

My journal about my editing of electowiki can be found at User:RobLa/Journal. Because this is a wiki, I reserve the right to edit any journal entry you see on that page. But I'll try not to muck with the page history.

A brief summary from the highlights of that journal:


See User:RobLa/Journal#2023


See User:RobLa/Journal#2022


See User:RobLa/Journal#2021


  • May 2020 - this is when I really started getting into the habit of journaling my electowiki-editing thoughts. It really picked up steam around May 19, when I started to figure out how I could make a sustainable habit out if it.
  • April 2020 - April 22 was my only journal entry in April. That makes me sad.

Since 2020 isn't over yet (as I write on May 27), this isn't yet a good summary of 2020.


I summarize that year pretty well in my journal. See User:RobLa/Journal#2019 to read more.


I summarized 2018 in the User:RobLa/Journal as well.


Wikipedia has an article on:
main page: User:RobLa/identity

As of this writing in May 2020, there's not a set of norms here on electowiki for associating one's online identity here on Miraheze with online identities elsewhere (e.g. on reddit, or on the C4ES Discord server, or on [[Wikipedia).

Also as of this writing in May 2020, I'm trying to lead by example. You can find more about my online identity by visiting User:RobLa/identity.


Wikipedia has an article on:
see also: User:RobLa/norms

As of this writing (in May 2020), we have a few norms at electowiki. Some of them we inherited from electoramawiki (see User:RobLa/ElectoramaWiki), and others we've developed since our 2018 migration to Miraheze. I have many more thoughts on this subject that I hope to elaborate on at User:RobLa/norms


main page: User:RobLa/Welcome

If you're a new editor: welcome! Please read User:RobLa/Welcome! I wrote that letter to you!

About Electowiki

main: Electowiki:About

I founded in 2003, and started with User:DanKeshet in 2005 (I paid the hosting bills; DanKeshet actually set it up, calling it "Electowiki"). Then DanKeshet left it in my hands late in 2005, and I did a lot of MediaWiki contracting work, culminating in a day job as Director of Open Source for Linden Lab. Part of my day job at Linden Lab was maintaining a MediaWiki-based wiki at, so maintaining didn't seem too hard. Plus I had lots of volunteer help. Then I left my day job at Linden Lab in 2009, and did a lot of MediaWiki plugin development (and spent way too much time trying to fix Mediawiki bug 4421, which was migrated from Bugzilla to Phabricator by my team at Wikimedia Foundation, but is still open as Phab task T6421). Then I tried to keep up and running while I worked at Wikimedia Foundation trying to keep Wikipedia up and running. Between 2006 and 2018, spambots made it almost impossible to have an open wiki, so I kept restricting access to Electowiki, and wasn't able to figure out how to make my clever web-of-trust plugins for MediaWiki work.

User:Psephomancy bugged me for a year, starting in 2017, which ultimately culminated in them snarfing the content off of and hosting it at I saw the ported site, and said to myself "ooo...nice work!". I put the porting work of Electowiki on hold during my 2019 dayjob, but I've done a lot more work since then (especially in 2020). I've joined the Miraheze board, and I try to help out every so often. And I'm a frequent contributor to Electowiki.

More information about me can be found on my homepage ( or over on m:User:RobLa (the main user page for me on .


In conclusion, you should edit electowiki! So please, go forth and edit.