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Project:Electorama! (local link: Electowiki:Electorama!) is a project led by Rob Lanphier. It was started in 2003 when Rob first registered electorama.com. He created "Electorama.com" as a shared blog in the style of Slashdot, Kuro5hin or Daily Kos, and intended as discussion site to complement the election-methods mailing list (started in 1996, also by RobLa). But then the Electorama wiki really started to take off, and for a while, "Electorama" and "Electowiki" vaguely synonymous (since "Electowiki" was located at "wiki.electorama.com"). That changed in 2018 when "electowiki" was moved to the Miraheze infrastructure, and electowiki.org was registered.

Electorama wiki

See Electorama wiki for more about the relationship between Electorama and electowiki.