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Electoral reform refers to changes to an electoral system. Many editors of electowiki are advocates of electoral reform. See "wikipedia:Electoral reform" to learn more general information about electoral reform, or see "advocacy" (on this wiki) to learn about the people striving for electoral reform.

There are many electoral reform organizations all over the world. Since electoral reform is heavily dependent on local laws and local communities, many nations and localities have separate chapters for advocacy purposes.

Regional organizations

Below are just a few of the electoral reform organizations in the world


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The Electoral Reform Society (website: https://www.electoral-reform.org.uk/) was founded in 1884 as the "Proportional Representation Society", advocating for use of single transferable vote to replace Westminster's first past the post system.[1] In the 1970s, the organization adopted its current name, and later created the "Electoral Reform Services Limited (ERSL)" subsidiary to assist with election management and provide funds to the Society. In 2018, they sold ERSL, and fund the Society through the resulting capital fund.

North America

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Below is a list of organizations in the United States of America


Voting reform activism generally follows a plan of studying a voting reform academically, educating voters about the proposed voting reform, and quantifying the positive and/or negative effects of the reform after its implementation. Example: [2]


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