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Wikipedia is a collaboratively-edited online encyclopedia found at . It started off with English Wikipedia, but within a few years expanded to several languages.


English Wikipedia

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English Wikipedia started in 2001. By 2002, there were many electoral reform articles. By 2004, Wikimedia Foundation was formed, and started using Schulze method to select their board.[citation needed] By 2005, some English Wikipedia editors were getting annoyed with electoral reform enthusiasts, and Electowiki was started. Experienced Wikipedians frequently refer to this wiki as "enwiki", because it is hosted at the "en" subdomain of (i.e. it is hosted at

German Wikipedia

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German Wikipedia is another large and very influential edition of Wikipedia. Different language editions of Wikipedia are called "wikis", and the nicknames assigned to each wiki are frequently the two-letter ISO language designation for the language, followed by the word "wiki". German Wikipedia is often referred to as "dewiki", because the two-letter ISO language designation for the German language is "de", and the site is hosted at