2021 Minneapolis Ward 2 city council election

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The 2021 Minneapolis Ward 2 city council election was held for one of the city council seats in Minneapolis in 2021.[1] It's notable for being a public election that contains a Condorcet cycle, a very rare occurrence.[2]

The candidates were Cam Gordon, Guy Gaskin, Robin Worlobah Wonsley, Tom Anderson, and Yusra Arab. Arab beat Gordon pairwise 4324 to 4098, Gordon beat Worlobah Wonsley 3708 to 3635, and Worlobah Wonsley beat Arab 4056 to 4037, producing an Arab>Gordon>Wonsley>Arab cycle.

Minneapolis used instant-runoff voting to determine the outcome, thus the official winner was Wonsley. Minmax-based methods would instead have elected Arab, as would fpA-fpC restricted to the Smith set.[3]


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