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Electowidget is a PHP4 library (initally a plugin for MediaWiki) designed to make it possible to conduct Internet polls and elections using many different voting systems, including the Schulze method, Instant runoff voting, Approval voting, and even plain old Plurality.

It was in active development in 2005, with additional development as late as 2009, but has not seen updates since then. View the Bitbucket source code repository to get the code. (NOTE: Atlassian removed Mercurial support, but thankfully the folks created an archive: robla/electowidget).

If development resumes, information will be available at


Here's an example of a call to the very, very crude Electowidget Lua module


The beginning of the results should look something like the following:

     "display_name":"Bob Kiss (Progressive)"
     "display_name":"Andy Montroll (Democrat)"

...and then continue to spill all of the JSON from 2009 Burlington, Vermont Mayoral Election data.

As of 2023-09-12, User:RobLa is focusing most of his work on ABIF, and mostly on the Python tooling. However, there is a start on a Lua-based implementation of ABIF over on the "Module:ABIF" page.