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FlowTest:FlowTest is one of a few FlowBoards on electowiki. See #Summary below for a summary of the discussions on the "Discussion" tab above. That's this page's "Talk" page, which can be found at "FlowTest_talk:FlowTest"

July 2020 test

In early July, User:RobLa started configuring electowiki so that we might be able to use this to test Help:StructuredDiscussions (formerly known as "Flow") as a possible replacement for the C4ES discourse.org server. FlowTest_talk:FlowTest is the central discussion board for the test of Flow/StructuredDiscussions here on electowiki.

See FlowTest:Contents for a list of all of the FlowBoards.


Summary of FlowTest_talk:FlowTest. 06:10, 20 July 2020 (UTC)

As of this writing, there has only been one topic started on FlowTest_talk:FlowTest, and a couple of comments. User:RobLa can't seem to make another comment on this FlowBoard. He might try making a comment over on the FlowTest_talk:Contents board.