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Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, in north-western Europe. It is separated from Great Britain to its east by the North Channel, the w:Irish Sea, and w:St George's Channel. Ireland is the second-largest island of the w:British Isles, the third-largest in Europe, and the twentieth-largest in the world.[2]

Geopolitically, Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland (officially named Ireland), an independent state covering five-sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. As of 2022, the population of the entire island is just over 7 million, with 5.1 million living in the Republic of Ireland and 1.9 million in Northern Ireland, ranking it the second-most populous island in Europe after Great Britain.[3]

Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is referred to as "Ireland" by the locals.

Nortnern Ireland

Northern Ireland is subject to King Charles III.


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