Local organizations for approval voting

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This page was created in 2006 in hopes of assembling a list of organizations interested specifically in the adoption of approval voting. As of 2020-03-31, this list is outdated.

United States of America


In 2006, a national organization exists called Citizens for Approval Voting, <http://www.approvalvoting.org>. They had an active discussion group on Yahoo, which was available at <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ApprovalVoting/>. Since Yahoo groups isn't a thing, that list has moved. approvalvoting.org now redirects to the website for The Center for Election Science .


2013 - Ben Creasy in Juneau, AK (contact at bencreasy.com) and Dale Sheldon-Hess in Anchorage, AK. Limited activity in 2013


2013 - Greg Wolfe in San Francisco (bogonflux -at- gmail.com) No organization or activity at this time.


July 2012 - Frank Atwood & Paul Tiger worked on an Approval Voting bill in the statehouse for 2013. Advertised contact info: av(at)paultiger.com

2006 - Jan Kok in Fort Collins (jan.kok.5y -at- gmail.com) offered to give presentations, directing readers to http://www.votebuddy.org/votemeth.htm and slide set at http://math.temple.edu/~wds/crv/BetterVotingMethods.ppt

The Colorado Green Party tried to promote IRV in 2004-2005. Some of their committee members showed interest in Approval and Condorcet.


2006 - Mahendra Prasad. If you are a Tennesseean or live near Memphis, TN, and have an interest in approval voting, please contact me on the message board at Citizens for Approval Voting <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ApprovalVoting/>. Even if you are not from that general area, you can use that message board to connect with others interested in approval voting.