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Archive of Talk:Main_Page of large quasi-anonymous comment from 2006.

Additional methods and main page proposal

In addition to the listed voting methods (e.g. proportional representation, IRV, Condorcet), this page should mention other prominent voting systems, including plurality voting, plurality with runoff, and approval voting.

Alternatively, there should be a link to an editable main page. This would allow the main page to be free from vandalism, while at the same time allowing a single point for the editable hierarchy.

The current situation where people cannot create a link to a new page in some kind of top level category page does not encourage people to create new pages.

For example, the front page could be changed to: (or something similar done by someone with better wiki formating skills that me)

I have also created a Main Index page.

Welcome to Electowiki! This is a wiki associated with Electorama, the Election-methods mailing list, and communities of election-minded people.

Main Page

The Main Index contains a listing of all the categories.

Purpose of Wiki

Wikipedia is not a research community.

Wikipedia only wants well-established ideas and facts. New systems, new methods for evaluating systems, new insight, and new jargon are invented frequently on the mailing list. These ideas need a place to grow up to before they are notable enough to be included in Wikipedia. Electowiki can be this research community; Wikipedia cannot.

Electowiki strives to be accurate and informative. But many of us research not just for knowledge, but also for change. Electowiki can be the place where we collaborate on arguments for change, craft draft letters to use when we write to groups where we are involved, et cetera.

Election Methods

There has been an increasing awareness in many parts of the world of the effect that different election methods (voting systems, voting methods, etc; this site uses these words interchangeably) have on the quality and timbre of elections and democracy. There are movements for proportional representation, instant-runoff voting, Condorcet. This site gives you a guide to what these things are and other less well know methods.

But it also goes one step further: there is a vast literature on the theory behind these systems: what criteria can you use to judge whether a particular method works well? What strategies will different systems encourage voters to use? We record the collective wisdom of scholars and enthusiasts, and, by working together, hope to create a canonical reference for all to use.

About the project

We are a wiki! That means, anybody can get involved. We are free content. That means, we offer a license for anybody to copy and modify our works. To learn more about us or how to edit, see the Community Portal and Frequently Asked Questions! This project begain in January, 2005, so it is young yet. However, much of the content is built on top of past free content writings on election methods.


This site also hosts Electowidget, a plugin for MediaWiki for conducting online elections using advanced electoral tallying methods.

See a list of all pages on Electowiki

-- comment on 19 September 2006 by "Raphfrk"