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The draft template inserts (mostly) invisible HTML elements to mark a page as a remote draft. The page may then exhibit consensus-making features that are supported by the wiki. As these are few at present, this version of the template also floats some convenient links at the top right of the page.


Place it at the top of the page. Place it above or co-linear with a high bracket marker <!--voHiBrac-->.


{{draft <!-- See http://zelea.com/w/Template:Draft -->
 | pin = Cindy-AcmeCom(Ray-GmailCom
 | poll = G/p/mho
 | user = Joe-GmailCom
 }} <!--voHiBrac-->
Here is the proper content of my draft.  The lines above and below are excluded and invisible in diffs and such.
[[Category:Something else]]

See also

  • bridgeFooting.js   The script that implements in-page difference footings, which depend on some of the markup inserted by this template.