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This template can be used to wrap image inclusions through [[File:Example.jpg|...]] to control the behavior of image annotations locally for a single image use. This also works for thumbnails.


{{ImageNoteControl/doc |img= |notes= |caption= |type= }}

Template parameters

imgThe image inclusion, for instance [[File:Example.jpg]], or [[File:Example.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Some text here]].emptyrequired
notesDefines how notes shall be displayed. If set to none or off, no image annotation will be displayed at all; the feature is switched off completely for this image use. If set to icon, only an indication icon will be displayed, but not the notes themselves. Any other value defaults to notes being displayed, subject to more global configurations within the article (see Template:ImageAnnotations) or on the image description page of the image itself (see Template:InlineImageAnnotations).emptyoptional
captionIf notes are shown, there is normally an additional image caption indicating the presence of notes. If this parameter is set to off, false, or none, this caption is suppressed. If only an indication icon is shown instead of the notes themselves, no caption is added anyway.onoptional
typeIf set to inline or span, the image is wrapped with a <span> HTML tag, which does not break text flow. This is useful for the rare case where a large image flows directly within the text, but notes should be switched off. Any other value defaults to the image use being wrapped in a <div> HTML tag, which does break text flow (but that is normally not a problem, because most images are not flowing within the text. Note that image notes can also switched off by wrapping the image use in an inline-only tag such as e.g. <em>, or by setting the link parameter of the image use to nothing (as in [[File:Example.jpg|link=]]). Image notes are deactivated anyway on images smaller than 60×60 pixels.emptyoptional

Additional information

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{{NoImageNotes|[[File:a.jpg]]}} which is a shortcut to {{ImageNoteControl|img=[[File:a.jpg]]|notes=off}}