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An infobox for voting methods

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The name of the voting method

Condorcet criterioncondorcet

Does the Condorcet winner always win when they exist?

Mutual majority criterionmutual-majority

Does someone from a set of candidates that a majority of voters prefer over all others always win?

If a majority of voters are split between several flavors of chocolate ice cream, but agree that any flavor of chocolate is better than any other flavor, then one of the chocolate-type flavors must win.
Favorite Betrayal criterionfavorite-betrayal

Do voters ever have strategic incentive to indicate they prefer someone who isn't their honest favorite more than their honest favorite?

Utility criterionUtility criterion

Does the candidate with the greatest utility always win?

Majority criterionMajority criterion

Does a candidate that a majority of voters prefer over all others always win?

Smith criterionSmith criterion

Does a candidate from the Smith set always win?

Independence of Smith-dominated Alternatives criterionIndependence of Smith-dominated Alternatives criterion

Does the same candidate always win when candidates not in the Smith set are added or removed from the election?

Later-no-harm criterionLater-no-harm criterion

Can a voter hurt one of their more-preferred candidates' chances of winning by indicating a preference for a less-preferred candidate?

Single-winner reductionSingle-winner reduction

Which single-winner voting method does this voting method reduce to (become equivalent to) in the single-winner case?

STV becomes IRV in the single-winner case.
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Party list caseParty list case

Which proportional allocation method does this voting method become equivalent to when voters vote on party lines?

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