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Majority Reject, Majority Disqualify, or Majority Disapproval, is a feature to be used in conjunction with a candidate selection method.

To help provide a bottom to the abysmal quality of candidates, and to provide an intelligent term limit, the people should be able to reject one candidate without having to agree on another.


1. Each voter may designate one candidate as unacceptable.

2. Any candidate rated as unacceptable by over 50% of voters will be disqualifed.

A rank of Last Choice, or a grade of F, could be used to signify a vote to disqualify.

Recommended for use in single-ballot or primary elections.

The disqualification should be the first step in the evaluation, to minimize analysis of a candidate who can't win anyway.

The majority requirement provides some assurance that this method will only reject candidates who deserve it.

This separate vote to disqualify is easy to understand, and would not get convoluted in questionable math, as some negative vote methods would.