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My name is Felix Ling. I'm a registered Libertarian from Cal married to a registered Green from Stanford, and I've been a proponent of Proportional Representation since about 2008, mostly online. I also support Ranked Choice Voting (largely convinced by Matthew Shugart in 2005) but view Condorcet, STAR, and Approval as having very similar benefits over plurality voting.

I serve on the boards of Californians for Electoral Reform as CFO and ProRep Coalition as Treasurer. I also pretty much run CalRCV's Twitter account and occasionally help out the Libertarian Party of Orange County. All of these are unpaid volunteer positions. In 2022, I was the co-chair of the Libertarian Party's Alternative Voting Committee. I'm also a monthly donor to Fix Our House, CalRCV, and FairVote. I tweet often and blog occasionally.

I have an MA in Applied Economics from San Jose State, a BS in EECS from UC Berkeley, and I've worked as a software engineer, economics lecturer, and subject matter expert in economics and statistics for a major publisher. I currently work in finance, playing an analyst-type role for a wealth management team. Although my background is not in political science, I do love reading comparative politics research on electoral systems (much of it is econometrics applied to cross-country data). My wife is a trained classical singer with a master's in music composition who currently loves reading musicology research, and we have two precocious boys.

And here's a song I wrote (to the tune of "Lightning Crashes" by the 90s band Live) about RCV and ProRep.