Fargo, North Dakota

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The city of Fargo adopted Approval voting in November 2018,[1] with a 64% majority in favor.[2]

A previous city commissioner election in 2015 suffered from six-way vote-splitting, resulting in a candidate winning with only a 22% plurality of the vote.[2]

The Reform Fargo campaign needed 1,349 signatures for the ballot measure, and was able to collect 1,923 valid signatures.[1]

This affects positions in the City of Fargo itself, including its mayor, four city commissioners, and municipal judge.[3] (It is thus being used for both single-winner and multi-winner elections. Each commissioner is elected at-large, representing the entire city.)[4]

The first election to use approval voting will occur in 2020,[5] as two commissioners' terms expire in June 2020.[6] The terms of the current mayor and the other two commissioners expire in June 2022.[6] The current municipal judge was elected in 2012 and serves four-year terms.[7]

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