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Seattle Approves is a 501(c)(4) organization founded in 2020 to bring approval voting to the city of Seattle. . The group was supports "Initiative 134" (also known as "Prop 1a"). As of 2022, it is the most active approval-voting activism group in Washington state. By 2022, the organization had received $208,000 of its $462,000 operating budget from Center for Election Science.[1]

Initiative 134

Initiative 134 calls for the Mayor, City Attorney, and each district governed by the City Council to be selected by approval voting. Seattle Approves was successfully able to gather enough signatures to put "Initiative 134" on the ballot.

As proposed in Initiative 134, there would be an open primary with candidates from all parties and independent candidates on a single ballot. Votes could choose however many candidates they choose approve of. The top two candidates receiving the most votes would advance to the general election.

Prop 1a

Before Initiative 134 was put on the ballot to be approved by voters, the Seattle City Council added another option for voters to consider.

  • Prop 1a — Implement Initiative 134 (approval voting) as described above.
  • Prop 1b — this proposition calls for the same offices (mayor, city attorney, council members) to be selected by ranked-choice voting in the primary election, advancing the top two candidates in the ranked-choice election to the general election.