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Washington is a state in the Pacific United States.


The history of electoral reform in Washington state goes back many years. Someone should write something about it. Here's what User:RobLa recalls off the top of his head:

  • 1920s - A systems sometimes called the "Spokane method" (but similar to Coombs' method) was implemented, and then dropped.[1]
  • 1990s - The Washington Citizens for Proportional Representation was formed. This group has since been renamed to FairVote WA
  • 2020s - Seattle Approves is formed

Pierce County, 2006–2009

This section adapted from the an article on English Wikipedia.[2]

Pierce County passed an initiative to implement instant-runoff voting in November 2006 to elect most of its county offices.[3] Voters upheld the 2008 implementation timing with a vote of 67% in 2007 and made adjustments to the charter language involving ballot access and numbers of rankings.[4] Seven instant-runoff elections took place on November 4, 2008 and one on November 3, 2009.[5] The introduction of instant-runoff was marked by controversies about costs. Matters were also complicated by the statewide restoration of the nonpartisan blanket primary following a 2008 Supreme Court ruling . On November 3, 2009, voters repealed instant-runoff.[6][7]

Local Options Bill

The Local Options Bill (House Bill 1722) seems like an important development.[8][9][10]



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