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ABIF stands for "aggregated ballot information format"[1]. As of May 2021, it has been undergoing discussion on the /r/EndFPTP subreddit and on the EM-list.[2][3][4]

ABIF uses the UTF-8 character encoding.

Test cases[edit | edit source]

The normative set of test cases are on GitHub, and we'll be expanding them there. Among the things we want to test for:

  • Case #1: Unordered scores on a bundle line.[5]
  • Case #2: Unscored (but ranked) candidates delimited only by ">" and "=".[6]
  • Case #3: Ranked and rated candidates.[7]
  • Case #4: Bracketed, inlined candidate tokens with many "high UTF-8" characters, like "ñ", "í", "á", "蘇","業".[8]
  • Case #5: Declared candidate tokens, with unordered scores.[9]
  • Case #6: Declared candidate tokens, ranked and scored.[10]
  • Case #7: Bracketed candidate tokens (declared), ranked with no score.[11]
  • Case #8: Bracketed candidate tokens (mixed), ranked with no score and most extra whitespace removed.[12]
  • Case #9: Asterisk-delimited multiplier, suggested by Jan Šimbera in May 2020.[13][14]

Footnotes[edit | edit source]