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Bill of Responsibilities

There's a framework I've been thinking about in other conversations I moderate (e.g. discussions on my Facebook wall). I call it the "Bill of Responsibilities", which is a counterpart to the "Bill of Rights". With your "right" to comment on my Facebook wall or edit this wiki, there comes a set of responsibilities. Each microcommunity may pick-and-choose the set of bullet points that make up the "Bill of Responsibilities" for their community. I have many more thoughts on the subject, but I've started laying things out over at User:RobLa/BResp, and I'd appreciate help fleshing it out. -- RobLa (talk) 01:11, 30 March 2020 (UTC)

2021 thoughts on Code of Conduct

I didn't accomplish as much on the "Bill of Responsibilities" that I posted over on roblawiki (see <https://robla.miraheze.org/wiki/Bill_of_Responsibilities>) in 2020. I would like to make more progress on this in 2021. It looks as though the Wikimedia Foundation is doing a lot of work on their Code of Conduct (see wikipedia:Wikipedia:Code of conduct and also on the Foundation's main website.[1])