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see also: Help:Signatures

electowiki uses UTC as its timezone. It's possible to use several tildes to insert the timestamp in the article. Read on for more....


Wikipedia has an article on:

UTC is Universal Coordinated Time. Actually, it's "Coordinated Universal Time" according to ISO. It's basically the "standard" timezone for the world. All timestamps on electowiki are in UTC. See wikipedia:UTC to learn more.


Wikipedia has an article on:

With MediaWiki, it's possible to insert the timestamp of the change you are making into a talk page (or into an article). Four tildes in a row (i.e. "~~~~") puts your username and a timestamp (whatever the time is on the server when you save your changes) and five tildes in a row (i.e. "~~~~~") puts only the timestamp.

See Help:Signatures for more about how "~~~~" and "~~~~~" are expanded in wikitext